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2024 Blendos Health & Longevity Movement Summer Basketball Programs

This summer we plan to offer several new recreation programs.

There will be some changes to some existing league formats. Most importantly, we want to encourage individuals to participate. With that said, it is crucial to focus on the organization of your B League team.

In the past, we have had some very talented B league teams, sometimes an A league team would submit a duplicate roster for an additional opportunity to play each week (which was completely understood).

If we can reach 24+ teams for the summer league, we could crown three divisional champions. The divisions would be separated by perceived team skill/experience/ competitiveness etc

The Men's B league teams will be thoroughly encouraged not enter "stacked teams". We are looking to see no more than 2-3 A league players on any given B league team unless they are also eligible for the 35 and over league because....they old. We understand that certain people have friend groups that they want to play with and that is fine but overall the men's B league will be separated by the league commissioners' pre-season ranking.

The summer league offers the most games, as teams are scheduled for 9 games before playoffs.

The same colors are available for Co-Ed & 35+. For Men's A this summer teams will have a choice of having reversible mesh pennies or dri-fit t-shirts

If the b league consists of 24+ teams each conference champion will win a $400 voucher towards a future league or 400/ x amount of players individually.

  1. Team Blendos (Heather Military Green)

  2. Devon Hartwell

  3. Graham Wooden

  4. Ethan Jubar

  5. M. McCoy Construction LLC (Black)

  6. Dan Baker

  7. Eddie Bello

  8. Walton 1

  9. Walton 2

  10. Free Agent 1

  11. Free Agent 2

  12. Free Agent 3

  13. Free Agent 4

  14. Free Agent 5

  15. Free Agent 6

  16. Albany

  17. Jesse Woodard

I will progressively update the rosters and remaining free agents (rosters subject to change) this illustration is being used to showcase an ideal league format with 24 teams. I will list potential free agents below.

Men's A League

This year we could have up to 10 teams.

  1. One Group (Slime)

  2. Team Jaklitsch

  3. Free Agent 1

  4. Free Agent 2

  5. Jesse Woodard

Mens 35+

This could be the first year for the Blendos Summer 35+ league. To make this happen we will need at least 4-6 teams. If numbers are low, we would also consider having a 4 v 4 league. (Multiple games per night running sideways at the armory)

  1. Team Blendos

  2. Team DeMauro

Co Ed

Last year we had a record number of teams with 8. This year we can have more games running sideways. Lets make this the best co-ed league yet!

  1. Team Blendos

Potential Free Agents

  1. Miles Mohrien

  2. Biskit Robinson

  3. Tori Gue

  4. Mike Stevens

  5. Robert Scianimanico

  6. Patrick Thomas

  7. Dustin Haney

  8. This is a running list and will be periodically updated until the league starts.


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