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Link To Blend-A-Rama Schedule & Parking Suggestions

With the Oneonta Parking Garage being temporarily closed, we will have to be resourceful with the immediate surrounding areas to have quick and easy access to the tournament on main street

Streets within close proximity to Main Street

  1. Elm Street

  2. Ford Ave

  • There is a parking lot across the street from the YMCA

  • There is a parking lot behind community bank

3. South Main Street

  • Parking Lot in front of the clarion hotel

  • Parking lot by Jimmy z's

3. Neawha Park

This will require a bit of a walk (3 minute walk to main street)

4. Market Street

  • Parking lot by dominos

  • empty parking lot by old stella lunas

5. Fairview Street

6. Academy Street

7. Watkins Ave

8. Church St

  • Parking lot by dollar general

9. Grand Street

10. Dietz Street

11 . Walnut Street

12. Cherry Street

13. Franklin Ave

I would suggest to get there early so you dont have to park far away.


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