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Hello My name is Cam Hayes. I started the Blendos Health & Longevity Movement in 2013. 

I originally planned to start selling shakes & smoothies at a local restaurant in Oneonta, NY called Tino's Pizzeria. After a minor setback with not being able to sublease the restaurant I was posed with the question "What now?". I put in so much time and energy into assembling a business plan and creating a brand that I couldn't just stop there. 

Throughout my life I have been involved in various sports. Participating in sports and being apart of a team has helped shaped my character, provided me with a sense of belonging, while gaining first hand experience with  time management skills , commitment, dedication and goal setting. 

During the summer months in Oneonta, NY I would participate in our local summer basketball league. I would look forward to it every week, and eagerly anticipate seeing all the results from the previous week. In 2013 the league organizer announced that he would no longer be continuing the league. I thought to myself that I could not let this program die and knew that there had to be several other people who felt similarly about the basketball league.


Since the Blendos restaurant fell through, I thought well why should I just focused on health & nutrition with food, why not create an all encompassing movement that supports a healthy lifestyle throughout one's lifespan via mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

2022 will be our 9th year of hosting the summer league and since the inaugural season in 2013 we have added 4 more seasonal leagues and two tournaments. Although Oneonta is a small "college town" in Upstate NY, we have been able to create one of the largest basketball leagues in the state.​ 

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