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It's not just a basketball league, it's a movement


I started this business with the mindset of setting myself up for life in the realm of health & fitness. After exploring, my mission statement became clear

To create and provide programs for individuals and communities that help people to adapt and/ or maintain healthy lifestyle practices while creating a positive, safe environment in a welcoming atmosphere. 

The Blendos Health & Longevity Movement currently provides seasonal recreational basketball leagues in Oneonta, NY. 2020 will mark the 8th year anniversary for the summer leagues and in 2016 we developed a spring and winter league as well as a one day 5 on 5 holiday basketball tournament.

In 2017 we also added individual and group training for people trying to further develop their skills and basketball IQ. 

When people ask how I came up with the idea for the name "Blendos" the story isn't what most people would think but in the end it makes perfect sense, so here goes:

While I was in college at SUNY Cobleskill majoring in Liberal Arts with a Psychology concentration, I thought I had it all figured out until I took the class "Adult Aging & Development". I previously had career aspirations to become a relationship therapist / marriage counselor. Throughout my time at Cobleskill I began challenging myself to figure out what I could truly succeed at and find passion in doing career-wise. One of my biggest hobbies has always been playing basketball and it has also played a significant role in physical exercise, reducing stress, mental well being, meeting new people, and expressing myself. 

While I was studying for this class I realized that my "dream job" would be to own my own fitness facility equipped with:

  1. A full-size basketball court

  2. A therapeutic swimming pool

  3. A spa

  4. A state of the art cardio and weight room

  5. A recovery room 

  6. An onsite shake, smoothie and health food bar. 

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