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SUNY Oneonta Spring Internship Recap

By Zachary Schiller

Blog: My Experience Working for BLENDOS (Zachary Schiller Class of 24)

I spent the last few months working as an intern for Blendos. I honestly love basketball so I enjoyed my time working here a lot. I spent my time keeping stats, running the score board and even recording the games.

I loved the overall atmosphere and sense of community that Blendos has created. 

I met all the players and the people who make the games run smoothly. Dylan and I spent most of our time at the scorers table, watching some insane performances. 

Overall my time at Blendos gave me a great insight of behind the scenes of organized basketball. I learned how to operate and run the scoreboard as well as how to efficiently keep stats. I even learned more about Basketball and the rules by watching so many games. 

The community really loves Blendos and I can tell, I hope it grows even bigger and even more people will come and support this amazing league. It really promotes healthy living and exercise, seeing how many people just love to come and play basketball is a great thing and shows how sports can really bring people together. 

I met some really incredible people and I had a great time interning for Blendos I highly recommend if someone is looking for an internship opportunity or even just looking for an outlet to play organized basketball. 


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