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Blendos 2022 Summer League Announcement (Revised 4/25/2022

We aim to make this summer the best league yet and here's how we plan to do so:

We are accepting up to 16 A division teams: We currently have 7 and we need more teams

We are accepting 24 B league teams.

This will divide the league into three divisions where teams play round robin style and then enter a sweet 16 tournament

There are currently 14-17 of 24 b league teams

The original idea for the a and b leagues were to replicate the nba & NCAA models in a sense. This added more participation and opportunity for people looking to get involved.

To promote an incentive based approach...the summer league is $1000 per team ($900 + 100 gym fee).

If you are a captain in both leagues, you will get a discount.

For teams paid in full before the season starts the fee is ($800+100 gym fee).

"Early Bird" Discount Deadline 5/27/22

If you would like to join as a free agent, you can sign up individually for $125 and I'll coordinate a roster of 8 players.

If money is an issue, you can set up payment plans or pay in installments prior to the start of the league.

Moving forward we have increased the championship voucher from $100 to 50% of the league due !!! (Teams are only eligible for this if their team is paid in full by week 2 of the league.)

Most Valuable Player of each league gets a $50 voucher

Sponsorship forms are available! Remember all sponsors that want to be printed on the shirts ...adds $50 to the overall team fee (all of the other funds received from the sponsor go directly towards the remaining team balance)

Let's be pro active to make this the best league to date.

Co Ed summer league will be on Fridays and is $450 per team

There are currently 4-6 Co Ed teams

A league will play on Monday with some games on Tuesdays (depending on the amount of teams)

B league will play on Sunday (with some occasional Saturday games and/or games going on at the park and in the Oneonta armory simultaneously.

A more coordinated effort will be implemented to get games recorded and uploaded to the YouTube channel but we need volunteers.

Each team is encouraged to have a statistician and/or videographer.

League play will begin in the first week of June


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