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2017 Blendos Spring League Team Write Up

Sluiter Agency Inc

Marc Du Moulin

Jake Sinicki

Ty Lamport

Matt Knezovic

Corey Baker

Chris Maloney

Ned Bakic

Ryan Sluiter

Ryan Simone

Going to be tough matching up with this team, which features eight current and former Hartwick players and a New York State Mr. Basketball finalist.


Jett Industries / Miller Financial

Mikey McElroy

Cam Hayes

Dwayne Freeman

Joe Hughes

Ernest Santiago

Don Stanley

Past Offensive Player of the Year and MVP Candidate Cam Hayes always fields a tough team, this time featuring a first team All-SUNYAC player and his teammate. Although they have just six players, two of them are coming fresh off a basketball season where they appeared in the conference finals, and the team fits in perfectly with team captain Cam’s strong offensive mentality.



Travis Woods

Aaron Laing

Dylan Umbra

Zach Thomsen

Bryan Backus

Carlos Ithier

Jake Slobe

Jordan Fragale

This team has a great deal of size, and features several current and former college basketball players. Good mix of post presence and guard play. This team may be the toughest team in the league defensively, featuring tough defenders at multiple positions in the form of Bryan Backus, Dylan Umbra, and Aaron Laing.


DL Baker Contracting

Brendan Chase

Brandon Tuttle

Matt Miller

Joe Ballard

Daniel Baker

Jake Vandusen

Buddy Adam

Ty Southard

Mitch Milavec

Cody Eramo

It appears that players from last summer’s Carolina Blue team and the Slime Green team have joined forces in an attempt to take a spring league title. Miller, Ballard, and Vandusen join Brendan Chase, Dan Baker, and Buddy Adam. This team is gritty, experienced, and deceptively athletic.


Twin Mountain Top Construction

Dev Vanderhoof

Dustin Haney

Mikey Lawson

Monte Richardson

Marc Rivera

Ben Morrison

Benny Robinson

Derek Wright

Jake Imperato

Ray Williams

This fiery team of local veterans will bring a great deal of toughness, talent, and savvy, but at times can struggle to maintain their composure on the court, which is where they may find difficulty. This team is in your face, and play with an intensity which is unmatched across the league. They also feature a great deal of size at each position, with Vanderhoof, Morrison, Haney, Lawson, and Richardson all being some of the bigger players at their respective positions.


Tru Cuts Barbershop

Derek Beames

Eric Dorsey

Quinn Dorsey

Logan Vibbard

Charles D'angelo

George Sheley

Chase Desmond

Jared Smith

Steve D'angelo

A nice mix of height and guard play here, their biggest issue will be consistency, as this team features several streaky shooters who can heat up at the blink of an eye. But will they? Beames and Eric Dorsey give this team a strong component of size, which is complemented by the guard play of a couple of college hoopers in Quinn Dorsey and Logan Vibbard. Several other guards on this team can go off for career nights on any given evening as well via the 3-ball.


Dundee Brook

Frank D'esti

Jeremy Myers

Joe D'esti

Jon Bramsen

This team only features four players thus far, but these four players played on a turquoise team in the 2016 Summer League which dominated the regular season. I will be curiously watching to see what additions this team makes for the start of the season. This team the makings of one with great size, speed, and shooting, a lethal combination.


Homestead Auto

Aidan Staib

Jarrett Benjamin

Cameron Hill

Jared Conklin

Mason Weir

Jordan Mann

Nick Hill

This team features past spring league champions, and a great deal of youth as well. In fact, these players range from ages 17-20 and will try to run teams out of the gym, spraying shots from all over the court in their pursuit for victories. All five starters are six foot or taller as well, employing an intriguing aspect of size to their athleticism and perimeter scoring ability.


Steenland MFG

Christian Cooper

Dave Bliss

Mike Brown

Zach Perry

Colby Fancher

Corey Hartman

Joel Costello

Steven Steenland

This team featuring several past Delaware County basketball prospects look to combine youth (Cooper, Perry, Fancher, Hartman) with experience (Brown, Steenland, Bliss). They will use their athleticism as well as their intangible basketball knowledge to grind out games. Steenland MFG has had tough seasons in the past, but look for them to rebound this season as a potential tough out in the playoffs.


Business Before Pleasure

Adrian Martinez

Emil Aponte

Justin Fisher

Charles Hobbib

Chris Gonzalez

Zain Gregory

Ty Hunt

Chris Waters

Rj Proctor

This team’s success will center around their defensive intensity and defensive consistency. No one will call their offensive firepower into question, as these guys can score with any team in the league on some nights.


Beach Plumbing & Heating /Forno Enterprises

Justin DiJulio

Davionne Price

Jared Beach

Colin Adam

Blake Hitt

Brian Albanese

Cameron Murphy

Kyle Besemer

Tim Vandemark

Beach Plumbing & Heating were a new team in the 2016 Summer League, and endured struggles early on. However, I feel that they are trending upwards, as they have added size in the form of former college football players Davionne Price and Justin DiJulio.


Butler Auto Sales

Quinn Barnhart

Tyler Butler

Deshawn King

Kellen Komenda

Phil Youngs

Zach Smith

Mike Carlin

Trevor Halaquist

Butler Auto Sales presents a bevy of guards in their rotation as they pursue a Blendos Spring League Championship. Their struggles may come in the form of opposing post players, but their depth at the wing/guard positions are unparalleled.


Heartbreak Hotel

Jesse Hults

Bryan Case

Garrett Reynolds

Trevor Holdridge

Matt Finne

Ryan Schmid

James Quagliano

Dylan Boest

Anthony Salcido

This team returns from the 2016 Summer League missing a few players, as notable players Jake Pasa and Tyler Dibble are elsewhere. However, this team brings in a few players new to Blendos, as they attempt to make a return to the playoffs. They will likely look to score on the run, as the team features numerous former high school soccer players.


Mel's at 22

Joshua Wikoff

Nate Craft

Cristian Aloisio

Brad Ganio

Danny Lapin

Brad Feik

Doug Massell

Jonah Burness

Josh Burroughs

Kevin Bryd

Matt Gulotta

Steve Gunther

This team features both youth (Wikoff, Craft, Aloisio) who are still in high school, and veterans alike. This team features many athletes who have graced the Blendos courts before, but also several who are in their first men’s league season. Inexperience and lack of chemistry could very well contribute to this team’s performance this season.

Bello Electric

Brandon Coones

Brandon Dunn

Eddie Bello

Gary Weingates

Graig Harris

Jake Dohlun

Pepe Cassilo

An almost entirely new team comes to the Blendos spring league season, as captain Eddie Bello looks to duplicate the success he saw on Twin Mountain Top Construction in the summer. This is a team I admittedly know little about, but I will be watching closely to see how they perform.

Maple Grove Repair

Jesse Woodard

Rob Scianimanico

Shane Winans

Terrel Dorsey

Anthony Jones

Curtis Williams

David McKee

Kyle Griener

Maple Grove Repair will look to fight its way out of a low preseason ranking, headed by Blendos veterans Jesse Woodard and Rob Scianimanico. This team has plenty of size and experience entering the season, but will their guards be able to complement their post presence? More importantly, will this team be able to run with the more youthful teams in the spring league?

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