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Blendos Power Rankings

Stats are presented as points per game, rebounds per game, assists per game.

  1. Team Blendos (Tye Dye) 4-0

  • Cam Hayes 30.2/13.0/10.0

  • Jazz Burks 39.0/10.5/5.0 (2 gms)

  • Ray Williams 27.5/11.0/6.5 (2 gms)

  • Joe DeMauro 16.5/13.0/5.0 bpg (2 gms)

  • Aaron Zurn 14.0/4.7/4.7/4.0 spg

Team Blendos is rolling through 4 games, averaging just over 100 points per game and leading the league in point differential, with an average margin of victory of over 23 points per game. Cam is making a push for MVP, but he has a tough road of games in front of him over the next month.

2. Magro’s Pizzeria (Navy) 3-0

  • Colin Adam 21.3/4.3/0.7

  • Jared Beach 16.7/6.3/3.3

  • Jacob Beach 16.0/5.3/2.3

  • Dylan Jacob 8.3/5.3/7.3

The Walton boys are out to a strong start, winning their first three games all by double figures. This team has great chemistry and plays hard on both ends, and they’ll have a chance to challenge Team Blendos for the #1 spot next week at SUNY Oneonta at 10 am.

3. Catskill Region Surveying Services (Forest Green) 3-1

  • Josh Anderson 18.0/6.3/1.3

  • Arie Brunson 14.7/12.3/1.7

  • Matt Anderson 14.2/5.0/1.5

  • Jordan Weir 12.0/5.0/0.0

  • Colby Fancher 9.2/4.5/6.0

  • Tyler Bruce 5.7/4.0/5.5

Forest Green is off to a strong start this summer, doing a great job of sharing the ball and getting into passing lanes as they’re accustomed to. They’re showing that top to bottom can get a bucket, and top to bottom can get a stop. Also of note: Josh Gregory making his B league debut with 23 pts 10 reb and 7 ast in a decisive win against Twin Mountain Top Construction.

4. Zimmer (Iron Grey) 2-1

  • Damian Zimmer 29.5/13.0/4.5

  • Steve D’Angelo 16.0/4.0/5.0 (2 gms)

  • Matt Vogel 11.0/3.0/4.0 (2 gms)

  • Mike D’Abbraccio 9.7/8.0/3.3

  • Ethan Finch 8.7/5.7/2.0

Zimmer and company were a bucket short of being 3-0, but gutting out 2 tough wins against TMTC and Sal’s brings them to 2-1. Zimmer leads the way with big numbers as usual, but his teammates have made key contributions in each game.

5. Twin Mountain Top Construction (Royal/Carolina Blue) 2-2

  • Dan Njoku 30.5/10.2/8.0

  • Luke VanSlyke 32.3/13.0/2.3

  • Dylan Jaklitsch 17.0/4.0/5.7

This team can score, and they seem to have lots of talent, but their question mark is the most important ability: availability. Dan Njoku is the only player on the team who has made it to each game, and though he’s putting forth MVP type production this season, it has not led to the results you might expect, as twice now the team has taken the court with only four players. Graham Wooden was one of those four on Sunday, kicking off his season with 33 points and 10 rebounds, but it simply wasn’t enough against Catskill Mountain. Big man Luke Van Slyke has been a force this season as well. Will TMTC figure out a way to get their guys out on the court for the Sundays to come?

6. Country Club Motors (Pink) 2-3

  • Brock Weidman 24.7/3.3/1.0 (3 gms)

  • Mariano Hernandez 17.4/7.4/4.0

  • Stevie Melendez 15.8/7.6/6.2

  • Conrad Miller 9.8/7.4/2.0

After having a rocky start to the season, the team came together for a one point victory against Sal’s Pizzeria last week, and parlayed that success into a 103-point explosion in a win against Five Star Subaru. Brock Weidman led the charge with 44 pts on 10 made 3’s, and perhaps these last couple weeks are evidence that Country Club Motors are ready to prove they are a top team in the Summer B League.

7. Five Star Subaru (Black) 1-3

  • Zyeir Lawrence 18.7/10.0/2.0

  • Khi Atchinson 18.2/6.2/1.7

  • Kevin Kurkowski 15.2/8.7/4.0

  • Sani Atkinson 11.2/3.7/4.7

This young promising group has not had the start they were expecting. While this is an athletic group who can really get out and run, they have struggled to find their rhythm, and have been largely inconsistent during this summer. Big man Zyeir Lawrence has been the star at times, but a nagging ankle injury has slowed the big down in recent performances. Unfortunately for him, ball never stops and the only rule in this league is Blend or Get Blended. Five Star Subaru looks to prove its mettle next week against #3 Catskill Mountain up at SUNY Oneonta’s Chase Gym, a location Kevin “Himmy” Kurkowski has referred to as “my gym”. Stay tuned.

8. Sal’s Pizzeria (Gold) 1-2

  • Sayquan Chambers 33.0/11.0/4.5

  • Quan Robinson 13.0/7.0/0.0

  • Ty Chambers 11.0/0.5/2.0

This team has been in 3 tight contests, but the team hasn’t quite found the formula for closing games, and has stumbled out to a 1-2 start. Sayquan Chambers has been a bright spot for Gold, but the team has struggled to put the ball in the bucket overall, scoring 65, 61 and 47 points each game. With 11 guys on the roster, I would expect that they have the right pieces to compete with anyone, but will they be able to find a rhythm and cohesion with such a vast roster?

9. Yak’s Youth Center (Jade) 2-2

  • Bruce Dunckle 17.7/11.0/2.2

  • Brayden Murphy 27.5/6.5/1.5 (2 gms)

  • Layton Gillette 26.5/3.5/3.0 (2 gms)

  • Bo Beers 12.5/5.0/1.0

Another team whose identify is challenging to pinpoint, Jade has had 11 players suit up for them this season, and it is hard to tell who is in for the long haul with this group, aside from Bruce “Almighty” Dunckle, Bo Beers, and Dave “Father Time” Pickett. However, Yak’s Youth Center’s only losses have come from #1 Team Blendos this season, and their record may be deceptive in reflecting their overall standing in this league.

10. Certified Auto (Green) 1-2

  • Devon Hartwell 21.7/4.3/3.9

  • Noah Pain 8.0/3.5/1.5

  • Dylan McVey 7.7/9.7/2.7

  • Mike Stevens 5.3/7.3/2.3

This is a young, scrappy team who has taken a couple tough losses early, but looks to prove their stuff week to week. Missing captain Gavin Bonczkowski (15 pts week one) their last two games has been tough, and it’s impacted their inside-outside game. However, Green what could be a key piece in Dylan Hosford this weekend, who added 17 points in a tough loss to #2 Magro’s Pizzeria. Getting both guys out there with leading scorer Devon Hartwell may allow Certified Auto to spread the floor like they planned. They look to bounce back next week against the Red squad.

11. Red Jug Pub (Red) 1-2

  • Omar Nelson 16.0/10.0/4.0

  • Jordan Manikas 13.0/5.0/1.0

  • Ethan Jubar 8.0/8.0/2.0

After a tough 3 point loss to the top team in the league, Red bounced back with a strong showing against Orange to secure their first win of the summer. With many new players who haven’t spent a ton of time on the court together (at least during Blendos), it will be interesting to see these players mesh and understand the roles that one another can fill. A player to watch is veteran Omar Nelson, who was one point short of a triple double against Orange; additionally, Jordan Manikas pitched in 26. Red has their second straight doubleheader next week at SUNY Oneonta’s Chase Gym.

12. Benson Agency (Orange) 0-4

  • Derek Burns 21.5/7.0/2.2

  • Brett Post 9.5/7.0/1.0

  • Joe Krupa 9.0/6.5/1.0

Rounding out this week’s rankings are Benson Agency, who are still looking for that elusive first win. Derek Burns is relentless on both ends of the court, but he and his teammates, many of whom are new to the league, are working on finding their groove in the summer league.


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