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Blend-A-Rama Team Update 7/12/23

I have the capacity to host up to 14 courts of 16 teams

I wanted to stay realistic but also offer something for all ages.

It is safe to say that there will not be a bracket for girls 6-8, which is a bummer! Maybe next year!

My son Max is 6 and he cannot wait to participate in his first basketball tournament! The unfortunate news is that there is only currently 3 teams for that age division. I will do my best to recruit more teams for ages 6-8 because I believe this could be one of the most entertaining brackets (98% of kids do not know how to play or the rules) but for the most part i believe they will like the opportunity to participate.

The hoops will be lowered for the 6-8 brackets.

Last year we had to combine girls 9-12 & girls 13-15, if we can garner atleast 4-6 teams per age group we can avoid that completely.

The 13-15 boys bracket is very close to having over 10 teams for year 2. Last summer it was one of the most attended courts!

I'm not sure whats going on with 16-17 boys and girls, if we do not get more teams they will be forced to play up or in the event of the girls bracket..they could move down (1 16 year old and 3 14 year olds) ..who are ready to play up by the way!

Im going to contact alot of the Blendos Veterans to see if we can get some more teams for women's 18+ and Men's 30+

I have so many "pending" teams that it makes it borderline nerveracking but shows potential at the same time

Here is a run down of the currently PAID IN FULL teams

Bracket capacity

  1. Girls 6-8 0/16

  2. Boys 6-8 3/16

  3. Girls 9-12 3/16

  4. Boys 9-12 1/16

  5. Boys 13-15 8/16

  6. Girls 13-15 3/16

  7. Boys 16-17 2/16

  8. Girls 16-17 1/16

  9. Mens 18 A 5/16

  10. Mens 18 B 9/16

  11. Womens 18+ 4/16

  12. Mens 30+ 4/16

***Please note-- if we ultimately do not recruit a bunch more teams, this might only be a one day tournament (Saturday, July 29th)

Please don't hesistate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns

607-287-8444 (Cam)


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