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Blend-A-Rama Courts 2023

This year we have over 80 teams! Up 30 from last year!

We will have ten courts this year on main street.

Court 1: Boys 6-8 (6 teams*) & Boys 9-12 (9 teams)

Located by: City Hall, Sal's New Classic Pizzeria, Wise Guy's Sammys, Nina's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Court 2: Girls 9-12 (5 teams) & Girls 13-15 (8 Teams)

Court 3: Women's 18+ (7 Teams*)

Court 4: Boys 13-15 (11 Teams)

Court 5: Boys 16-17 (6 Teams)


  • Available as an alternate if games get backed up

Court 7: Men's 18 B (15 Teams)

Court 8: Free Court / Special Events

Free throw contests

2 different three point contests

Best of ten & best streak

Dunk contest

You can sign up for any of these events at the registration table.

Available as an alternate if games get backed up

Court 9: Men's A (10 teams)

Located by Tinos Pizzeria

Court 10: Men's 30+ (6 teams*)

In case of extreme inclement weather we also have 2 courts available at the Oneonta Armory located at 4 academy Street

Please plan to arrive on main street between 7:45 - 8:45 am

Games will begin at 9:15am

Teams will be required to stay in the immediate vacinity due to availability of extra courts, weather etc .

We will do our best to provide everyone a fantastic tournament experience in a limited amount of time.

The tournament will not run past 4 pm on Saturday and game play will begin at 900 am on Sunday.

It is estimated that the tournament can be completed around 2 pm on Sunday.

Bracket updates to follow.

We will have a brief 45 min break in the tournament starting at 12:15

12:15 Blendos Summer League Hall of Fame Induction & Various Announcements

12:30 Dunk Contest & 3 point contests

All contests cost $5 each to enter. If you enter more than one event you will only be charged $8 max

Dunk contest will be at court 8, all other shooting contests will take place at your primary court (all participants are encouraged but the shooting competitions are also open to the public...if you have a Blendos shirt or Blend-A-Rama T shirt on.

Winners compete for :

Bragging rights

A gift card to a local establishment

Blendos T shirt

Walmart Gift card

Video (when available)

Tournament play will resume at 1:15

Please share the website, if you go to the blendarama tab you can find the tournament rules etc.

PSA: If you would be interested in volunteering in any capacity please let me know!

Please inquire at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

3 days left!

Spectators may purchase extra Blend-A- Rama shirts at the registration table for $5 each! (While extras last)


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