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Blended Rankings- FT's, 3's and FG's Oh My!

Blended Rankings 3/10/17 Free Throws, threes, and field goals oh my!

The 2017 Blendos Spring League is upon us, and man shooting was ugly this first week. The league made 58% of its Free Throws, 26% of its threes, and 33% of its field goals overall. Whether defense was just that good or offense was that bad depends on the game, but one thing’s for sure. Gotta make those shots! Interestingly, almost half (45%) the shots attempted so far we’re 3’s C’mon man this ain’t the NBA!

  1. Backus (1-0)

Backus starts the season 1-0 with an absolutely dominant performance, winning their first game by 83 points, shooting 55 %, getting 18 steals and only turning it over 7 times. Absolute dominance in every category has em at number 1 to start the season.

2. Homestead Auto (1-0)

Homestead Auto started the season 1-0 by shooting lights out from 3 (16 made with 45% shooting) with a balanced scoring attack. (5 Players in double figures). Holding their opponent to 40 points with 21 turnovers shows the elite quality of their defense as well.

3. DL Baker Contracting (2-0)

The only 2 win team after week 1, Baker looks solid and ready for the grind of the season. Despite the victories, they’ve shot below 40% both games and have hovered at around 50% at the line both games. Those are issues that throughout the year will need to be addressed.

4. Sluiter Agency (1-0)

Great team scoring effort and elite defense on the perimeter (11 steals and opponents 3FG at 22 %) have Sluiter at number 4 to start the year. 7 of 16 from the line is a concern as games will become more competitive throughout the season.

5. Steenland MFG (1-0)

Steenland drew 16 fouls, forced 14 turnovers, held their opponent under 20% from 3 and under 25% overall. Also a plus 11 on the glass. Defense is the name of the game for Steenland.

6. Tru Cuts Barbershop (1-0)

21-37 from 2 and 5 of 30 from 3. Horrific perimeter shooting is what keeps Tru Cuts out of the top 5 this week. Solid on the boards and low turnovers game a close win to start out the season.

7. Jett Industries/ Miller Financial (1-0)

Despite committing 15 more turnovers than their opponents, Jett starts the season with a 3 point win. More available players will play a big part of Jetts success going forward. Only 5 in the first game.

8. Bello Electric (1-0)

Aggressive rebounding and getting to the line helped Bello overcome a late deficit and get a 1 point win. The resilience to overcome a sub 30% shooting night was very impressive

9. Mels at 22 (0-1)

Mels couldn’t hold onto a late lead and loses their first game by 1. More available players should spell more success going forward, but being the free agent team may create early chemistry problems.

10. Dundee Brook (0-1)

Their first game, a 6 point loss is actually quite impressive considering only 4 players played.However only having 5 players signed up at this point could spell doom for Dundee Brook. If more personnel are added, look for a massive jump up the rankings.

11. Beach Plumbing and Heating (1-1)

Normally starting your season losing by 80+ would guarantee a 16th place in the rankings. But getting a win to start at .500 gets em out of the bottom five. Hopefully game 1 was a fluke, and the 45 points they surrendered in their second game is a more accurate representation of the team.

12. Twin Mountain Top Construction (0-1)

Committing 16 fouls, 14 turnovers, and shooting under 25% is a bad start. But this is no doubt a talented team with Blendos vets. Look for a quick turnaround going forward.

13. Business Before Pleasure (0-1)

19 Turnovers and 22% from 3 hurt BBP in their first game. They actually shot very well inside the arc (50%). When the 3 falls and they cut back on coughing up the ball, look for them to win.

14. Maple Grove Repair (0-1)

13% from 3, 21 turnovers and only 3 assists all game spelled doom for Maple Grove in their first game, a 50 point blowout. 35% from 2 point land didn’t help their cause either. Making shots and holding onto the rock. Two necessities going forward.

15. Body By Stacy/ Heartbreak Hotel (0-2)

BBS/ HH felt a little Heartbreak this week (Pun Intended) with a 0-2 record with a combined loss margin of only 6 points. I hate putting them this low, but in an 8 game season, 0-2 is rough for anyone, no matter how talented.

Butler Auto Sales (0-2)

0-2 to start, one by 3 points one by 20. They’ve committed 26 fouls in two games, and have yet to shoot any better than 20% from three. The same principal applies, 0-2 start in an 8 game season is rough.

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