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A League Focus: What To Watch For Week 2- Blendos Summer Basketball League 2022

Tonight we have 5 games.

6 pm matchup: Texas Orange vs Royal Blue

Texas Orange might look completely different today as they have made some significant rosters changes through the blendos rumor mill.

Royal blue has also been looking to add additional talent.

This should be a hard fought game

7 pm matchup: Tino's Pizzeria (Red ) vs Sloan's NY Grill (Black)

Another legendary occurrence takes place today as commissioner Cam Hayes has another rival game against captain Damian Zimmer.

We do need to have an updated ranking but Zimmer has gotten the best of me during championships and playoffs but I normally rain triumphant during the regular season.

Black was without MVP Zan Stewart last week and Red may be short players for this evenings contest.

8 pm matchup: Sloan's NY Grill (Black) vs Royal Blue

Black & Royal Blue will experience the first double header of the season for summer league a teams.

9 pm matchup: Integrated Chiropractic (silver) vs Table Rock Fitness (Vegas Gold)

Integrated chiropractors coming off of a very impressive win last week and looking to keep the ball rolling versus Vegas gold.

10 pm matchup: Yak's Youth Center (Slime Green) vs Homestead Auto /Approved Towing (Gold)

And we have our first 10:00 p.m. game of the season to round out the night with slime green versus gold. Gold is looking to redeem itself after a rough week 1 performance versus red.

Ps take some time to explore getting a team together for the blend-a-rama 3 on 3 basketball tournament.

if you have a business that would sponsor you so that you can play for free let me know I'll do everything I can in order to increase team involvement.

This would be a 100% deductible expense.

Please help make this a great community event

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