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What is the Blend-A-Rama?

Pertinent information about the tournament.

The Who?

I chose this name because it was intended to be a derivative of the Blendos Health & Longevity Movement basketball programs (Founded in 2013).

My vision for the "Blend-A-Rama" in context, is a community day fueled by past and present local athletes coming together harmoniously to compete in a safe and encouraging social networking event that helps Oneonta's main street thrive.

The What?

14 Available basketball hoops that can host up to 16 teams per division.

Multiple age divisions available.

We have space to host up to 224 teams

There will be a live DJ and free activities for the children to participate in. This tournament is working in conjunction with Destination Oneonta to fulfill summer "meet me on main street" initiatives as well as having various street vendors present.

An added bonus is that the New York State Troopers will be present to demonstrate motor vehicle accident with a car crash simulator.

Then When?

The tournament dates are significant (July 23rd & 24th) for several reasons. I personally believe that they are iconic basketball numbers (most often associated with Michael Jordan/Lebron James & Kobe Bryant) and that it would help with marketing for players to come play like Kobe on Saturday, then Lebron on Sunday (see what I did there)

"24/23 make them all remember me"

Norwich Gus Macker is also on July 8th & 9th and traditionally, at Blendos, no league play is scheduled during that event. I figured it would be a great opportunity for last minute teams to register after competing in a local tournament. (Registration deadline for teams is July 12th, if we have not reached tournament capacity)

The 23rd & 24th is two weeks after the Norwich Gus Macker so tournament play will still be fresh for those who participate in both. This also will provide an additional break in games for the Blendos Summer basketball league men's B division (18 teams) before playoffs begin.

The Where?

This event will take place on Oneonta's historic downtown Mainstreet.

The Why?

First & Foremost, because the community deserves it. It was extremely important to be able to provide an opportunity for local area youth.

During the summer of 2021, I was assigned to deliver mail to Oneonta's Downtown area and I witnessed the amount of traffic during the main street closures.

This event can offer something different from traditional main street events as teams will be required to stay in the immediate vicinity for lengthy periods of time instead of just coming and going. (There is often significant idle time between tournament games for teams)

A tournament provides an additional opportunity for someone who cannot commit to league play.

The How?

For year one, I will be renting basketball hoops from a commercial out-of-state business. If this event is successful, I plan to have custom made branded basketball hoops constructed for future use.

By exhausting my social network and garnering help and support from countless others.

By communicating with High School Athletic Directors, Coaches, AAU programs, Gyms etc. to actively recruit players and teams.

Below is a picture of the basketball hoops that I will be using for the Blend-A-Rama tournament.


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