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Blendos Spring Basketball League 2022 Week 1 Recap

There was only one a league game for opening day.

John Brennan made his a league debut after providing a glimpse of what was to come this past summer in the co Ed league.

It will be very interesting to see how Vegas Gold performs moving forward with the lethal combination of Aaron Smith, John Brennan & Frank Desti at the guard positions.

Vegas Gold is a well rounded team that has team chemistry.

Player of the game: Frank Desti (Vegas Gold) 25 pts 3 ast 6 rebounds

B league results

Tennessee orange just fell short of scoring 100 points in a lopsided affair vs Purple.

Dan Njoku led the way after Tennessee Orange started this game 4 on 5.

Njoku hit 11 3s en route to scoring 43 points

Damian Zimmer & Dan Baker also recorded double-doubles during the contest.

It is worth noting that Rob Scianimanico aka "Hook Shot Rob" also finished with 19 pts and 13 rebounds ....accompanied by our first ten turnover game of the year.

Team Blendos starts the new season 1-0 after a 40 point victory versus atomic blue.

Cam Hayes and Aaron Smith led the way for forest green combining for 61 points.

Forest Green showed great team chemistry down 3 rostered players and with two substitutes.

Atomic blue fell behind early and it wasn't much of a game to start the second half.

Cam Hayes recorded a monster triple double with 29 pts 10 ast & 16 rebounds. Aaron Smith went 7/8 from behind the 3pt line

Team Blendos (1-0) looks to face Tennessee Orange (1-0) in a highly anticipated match this Sunday at 5 pm

Both teams are atop the commissioners rankings.

Although Grey ended up winning this game by 29 was a much closer game then they would like to believe in the first half.

Stevie Melendez led the way for Grey with 33 points. Jared Conklin (20 pts) & Jordan Shaul (18 pts) also finished in double figures.

Sand will be the youngest team to compete as some players are fresh off of a JV and/or Varisty season @ Margaretville CS.

Coach Richards & brother Scott add some much needed experience and interior presence.

It is great to see the development of players from season to season and we take pride in providing an opportunity for high school athletes to get a valuable & rewarding experience being involved in the men's leagues.

Here are the commissioner rankings after week 1 for the b league

  1. Tennessee Orange (Zimmer)

  2. Team Blendos (Forest Green)

  3. Grey

  4. Blue

  5. Orange

  6. Sand

  7. Atomic Blue

  8. Black

  9. Purple


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