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Blendos Summer League Updates 5/27

The summer league teams will be finalized Sunday night and the schedule will be released on Monday (5/30).

This year we will be having games in three locations. Most games will be held at the Oneonta Armory. We will have games at Suny Oneonta Chase Gym on two Sundays ( 6/19 & 7/3) and we will have 1-2 games in Neawha Park.

There will be no b league games on July 8-9

And July 23 & 24th (1st annual Blend-A-Rama 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Oneonta).

The website has been updated and all players are strongly encouraged to read / examine the summer league rules & expectations.

As of writing this, I currently have 7-8 a league teams and 18-20 b league teams.

There's also still time to get a coed team in.

I'll update the rosters that i currently have later on today.

Captain's please notify me of any changes.

League play starts Sunday June 5th @ 10am.

This year we will have around 18-21 b league teams so the b division will be split into three tiers for league play but all teams will become seeded for playoffs 1-16 (20+ teams) or 1-12 (16-18) teams

A league playoffs are single elimination until the championship (best 2 of 3--- in the same day)

B league playoffs are single elimination

If you're interested in joining as a free agent let me know.

I'll do my best to make schedule accommodations. If you know that your team will not make a certain date, please let it be known and I'll do my best (can't please everyone)

Once the schedule is completed. I cannot change it (people prepare and it causes a domino effect)

Just a reminder that teams paid in full before week two of games will be eligible for 50% of the team fee voucher,example $900 team fee (excluding gym fee) the champion will get a $450 voucher ...instead of the traditional $100.


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