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Limited Blend (BLEND-A-RAMA Update 6/17)

There are changes to the tournament format:

The 5-8 & 9-12 divisions will no longer be co-ed and they will each have their own tournament bracket for boys & girls.

Register Now to reserve your spot!

We Currently Need:

7 Teams (Boys 5-8)

8 Teams (Girls 5-8)

7 Teams (Boys 9-12)

6 Teams (Girls 9-12)

12 Teams (Boys 13-15)

14 Teams (Girls 13-15)

16 Teams (Boys 16-17)

16 Teams (Girls 16-17)

15 Teams (Men's 18+)

16 Teams (Women's 18+)

16 Teams (Men's 30+)

I would like to experiment with court advertisements to offset costs for participants.

There will be 12 courts, in a perfect world if there could be a sponsor contribution to offset costs, area youth can play for free!

Ask how to get involved!

Sponsorship options still available !



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