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Playoff matchups! Blendos Summer Basketball Leagues 2022

Only 6 of 8 teams make it for the summer a league and the matchups are as follow:

8/1 (Monday)

6pm #3 Tinos Pizzeria (Red) vs #6 Homestead Auto/ Approved Towing (Gold)

7pm #4 Texas Orange vs #5 Sloan's NY Grill (Black)

8 pm winner of #3v6 vs Integrated Chiropractic (Grey)

9 pm winner of #4v5 vs Yak's Youth Center (Slime)

The championship series will be held on Monday, August 8th starting at 6:15 and will be a best of 3 series.

A league standings

There was a three-way tie for second place between Red, Silver and Texas Orange.

Red beat Silver, Silver beat Texas Orange and Texas Orange beat Red.

Therefore seeding is decided by point differential: Silver #2 (204), Red #3 (154), Texas Orange (116)

B league

7/31 Sunday

11:00am #4 Benson Agency (Sand) vs #13 Orange

12:00pm #1 Catskill Region Surveying Services (Forest Green) vs #16 Ash Grey

1:00pm #2 Maroon vs #15 Cole's Property Maintenance (Irish Green)

2:00pm #5 Black vs #12 Royal Blue

3:00 pm #7 One Group (Syracuse Orange) vs #11 Five Star Subaru (Light Blue)

4:00pm #6 Heliconia vs #11 Olsen's Property Maintenance (Carolina Blue)

5:00 pm #8 Vegas Gold vs #9 White

6:00 pm #3 Otsego Bicycles (Gravel) vs #14 Upstate Companies I (Navy)

Throughout the season teams are separated into two different divisions in the B League B1 and B2.

In the divisions there is a round robin style of play with a couple crossover games to complete the 9 game schedule.

At the end of the season all records are compiled and ranked 1 through 16 to see who makes the summer tournament.

This year three teams do not make it.

There was a three-way tie for the 15th & 16th seed

Although the Gold and Ash Grey teams split 1-1 this season, Irish Green beat Gold and Ash Grey beat Irish Green.

This makes it go to point differential

15# Cole's Property Maintenance (Irish Green) -24

16# Ash Grey -71

#17 Gold -153

#18 The Tree Specialist (Red) 2-8

#19 Purple 1-8


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