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Week 2 Recap: Blendos Summer Basketball League 2022

For Motivational Purposes Only

The 6:00 p.m. game started out with an offensive explosion from Tennessee Orange led by Luke Van Slyke (32 pts 5 ast 17 reb) and Johnathan Codrington (19 pts 3 blk 12 ast 14 reb).

Last week the team was without Mr. Codrington and the team is still without two key rostered players.

James Healy looked to redeem himself this week effectively scoring 17 points on 11 shots. He will be away for the next month(s) serving our country and we thank you for your service.

Although Royal Blue added additional talent with Sid Doukoure (28 points 5 reb) the rest of the team struggled to contribute offensively with no other players scoring in double figures ending with a team total of 65.

The boxscore illustrates that both teams shot similarly from the three point line but Texas orange ultimately had 20 more shot attempts and ended the game with 20 more assists and 30 rebounds collectively.

The box score also implies that Texas orange had no players receiving individual steals but I can assure you their team defense forced many turnovers.

Texas Orange has to feel good with a 40 pt win after coming off a 43 point loss to Yak's Youth Center (Slime) last week.

It is rumored that Texas Orange will be adding: Josh Gregory & Jordyn Lanaux. If T.O can be at full strength next week, we may have a potential game of the week when they face Integrated Chiropractic (Silver) 2-0.

The 7:00 p.m. game was very interesting. Tino's Pizzeria (Red) started out with a team technical foul against Sloan's NY Grill due to a player forgetting thier jersey. Technicals in all Blendos Leagues are an automatic two points to opposing teams captain.

This rule is put into place to help the program look more organized and presentable, especially when recording and photographs are being taken.

Unfortunately for Black, yours truly received those points. I waved the possession and jokingly proclaimed "Thanks for the charity guys! It's probably the only two points I'll score today." Red team preceded to win possession at the tip-off and then I accidentally banked a deep three point attempt to start out the contest Red 5-0 (it slipped out my hand and slammed off the top square) tensions progressivley flared as two very tough and competitive teams clashed in the 1st half.

Tino's Pizzeria (Red) was led early and often by Jared Beach with 28 points. Jared started off the game on fire from three (8/18) while going back and forth with Zan Stewart (34 points). Zan shot 63% from 3pt range in the game finishing 7/11.

The red team jumped ahead to a 30-point lead at half (51-21). We talked in our team huddle about not letting them score 50 points and we failed our goal.

To start the second half the red team struggled offensively while black started to gain momentum rallying behind the deficit.

Five players scored in double figures for Red but Jared Beach is the only player that recorded a double-double.

No other players on black scored in double figures but Colin Stewart was close to a double-double with eight points and 10 rebounds.

The box score shows a discrepancy between team assists with 17 for red and 4 for Black.

This was the first of two games for Sloan's NY Grill (Black) that evening.

Black N Blue looked to shake off their bruises in the 8:00 p.m.

Black immediately bounced back from the 7:00 p.m. loss winning this game by 20 points. While also increasing their team assists from 4 to 18.

Royal blue showed a more balanced scoring approach in the second game of the day let again by Sid with 23 points followed by 19 points from Aaron Smith and 20 points from George Sheley.

The royal blue team was out rebounded by 25+.

Michael Dabbraccio led all scorers with 31 points while going 8 for 14 from 3 after not scoring in the previous game.

Zan Stewart also contributed a double-double for black with 20 points and 15 rebounds.

Although royal blue lost both games on the evening the pairing of Sid Doukoure and Aaron Smith will provide an entertaining tandem to watch for the rest of the season.

Sid Doukoure had several powerful dunks throughout the contests. His most emphatic dunk of the night came seconds into the beginning of the second half as the royal blue team look to be in "shambles" at half time.

Basketball is a game of runs and ultimately is a team sport. Having a positive attitude goes along way in contributing towards the teams overall effort.

Sid was quoted "It gets frustrating hearing my teammates argue while we are losing. As much as I love to compete, I hate to lose as well. " I then suggested to just worry about what you can control and do your "1/5th " while making the most of your current opportunity.

This provided a qualitative example for other royal blue players and helped them come together to compete for the remainder of the game.

Integrated Chiropractic (Silver) continues to look like a very tough team after the week two contest versus Table Rock Fitness (Vegas Gold).

Vegas Gold added Matt Shultz & Willis Raym to balance out the roster. This team looked much better in comparison to last week but they were also without key players for this game.

Kevin Kurkowski led the way for Vegas gold scoring 28 points while going 50% from 3 (7/14).

Rob "hook shot " Scianimanico recorded a double-double for Vegas Gold with 14 pts & 14 rebs.

Graham wooden put on a entertaining performance throughout the game finishing with 30 points, 8 assists and 10 rebounds.

Scott Woodring registered a double-double and sat for a significant portion of the game (14 pts 12 reb)

Albert Odero had 21 points while showcasing several smooth and seemingly effortless highlight reel dunks.

All players who attempted multiple shots scored in double figures for Integrated Chiropractic (Silver).

Silver made Vegas Gold look very "Yellow" in referencing of the popular Coldplay song.

I asked game operations manager Dylan Jaklitsch for five key takeaways/assessments after the conclusion of week 2.

  1. Wants to see what Sloan's NY Grill (Black) looks like at full strength since each game they have been missing key components.

  2. If Texas Orange has the anticipated roster for Mondays Week 3 contest, it should be on high alert for a potential game of the week (if not season).

  3. Scott Woodring 👀 Rookie of the Year campaign 🚨

  4. Yak's Youth Center (Slime) is looking like the toughest team thus far

  5. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh (inside joke about me laughing about leading in assists thus far. #Laughfirstnotlast #BOGB (Blend Or Get Blended)

Plots Thicken.

My oh my what happened here. Yak's Youth Center (Slime) gave what I call a "shellacking" to Gold winning by 50 points after leading by 38 at the half.

Slime was led behind a double-double from Zyier Lawrence (28 pts & 10 reb) followed by balanced scoring efforts from JO Annan (23), Matt Miller (18), and Danny Njoku (17).

Slime shot 75% from 2 and 35% from 3pt range.

Gold was led by Scott Richards who had an impressive first half hauling in 16 rebounds. Scott finished the game with 23 points and 20 rebounds.

Stevie Melendez was the next high scorer for gold with 11 and was close to a double-double with eight rebounds.

If gold can shoot more efficiently from long range they have potential to score an abdunance of points. This game they went 5/36 13%.

Slime Green wants to rekindle the dynasty after forfieting in the playoffs last season. Slime is a very balanced team consisting of several former Blendos regular season and finals MVP's.

Jo Annan & Danny Njoku are coming off a 2021 summer league championship with Royal Blue. They both arrived to this game late.


That Brings us to the Sunday recap for the B league.

Please note that although the a-league is presented first in the blog, the B League games happened the day before.

Week two started off with a bang.

The White team was coming off a very impressive vs Five Star Subaru (Light Blue) to start the season 1-0.

Benson Agency/ Team Blendos (Sand) was the only team that was not originally scheduled to play week 1. We followed suit with a double header.

Sand started off winning this game if I can recall then White rallied behind Sani Atkinson (22 pts 6 ast 4 reb) taking charge immediately forcing turnovers and efficiently attacking the basket.

White started the game with 4 but ended with 6 players.

Zyier Lawrence contributed 15 points and 9 rebounds for white off the bench

White lead by 5 at the half before ultimately falling to Sand 78-66.

Sand was led by Jack Lambert (24 pts 6 ast) and a double-double from Brennen Lawton (10 Pts 12 Reb). Every player scored in double figures and yes I know! We don't have to talk about my shooting percentage, just thankful for the opportunity!

Sand continued to work on team chemistry game 2 vs Navy.

Desert Storm Sand Troops promoted Real Estate around Jack Lambert's 26 points 4 assists and 9 rebounds.

I was next in scoring and I cant say that I'm proud to have scored 21 points on 23 shot attempts. I'm hoping to turn it around during week 3 games 6/19 at SUNY Oneonta Chase Gym.

Tommy Flanagan lead all scorers with 30 points scoring often at will (against shown defenders). Chris Brown was next in scoring for Upstate Companies I (Navy) with 16 pts.

This game was tied 42-42 at half and Navy was leading for most of the 1st half.

Gamebook shows that Sand outrebounded Navy 43-27. I will be the first to admit that if Ethan Butts was present for Navy, the margin would not be as lopsided.

Hunter Lockwood (Navy) recorded 4 steals and a game high 8 assists. John Brennan (Sand) was next in both steals (3) and assists (7) for the game.

Sand team will look to remain undefeated with 2 games upcoming this Sunday.

Five star Subaru bounced back following a week one loss, 61-53 vs purple.

Light blue was led by Damian Zimmer with 23 points and 5 rebounds. Followed by 5 assists and 15 rebounds from Joey Matzel. This was Joey's first blendos game in awhile.

Jordan Smith & Dan Baker rounded out the scoring for light blue with 12 points each.

Tim Kamina led the purple team with 25 points and 11 rebounds on a one-day contract.

George Sheley also registered a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Navy set the tone early going up 35 to 22 versus Royal Blue at the half.

Tommy Flanagan registered another 30+ point performance.

Upstate Companies I (Navy) received 21 points & 11 rebounds from Jordan Vinal & 18 points from Hunter Lockwood.

This game was closer in the second half due to Chris Brown exiting the game early due to injury (ankle).

The Royal Blue team looks better following week two's contests.

Greg Mattice helped Royal Blue's offensive/defensive threat although they were short players.

Sid Doukoure led royal blue with 28 points.

Ray Williams contributed 18 points, falling one rebound short of a double-double (9).

Royal Blue heavily out rebounded Navy but Navy shot nearly 50 % from three finishing 14/31 .452

Light blue ended up victorious versus Carolina blue with a 7-point win 65-58.

Damian Zimmer led the way for Five Star Subaru tallying 24 points, 2 rebounds shy of a double-double with a team high 8.

Luke Van Slyke lead all rebounders dominating yet again with 14 along with 14 points.

Peyton Olsen also had 19 points, 3 steals, 5 assists and 5 rebounds for Olsen's Property Maintenance (Carolina Blue).

I think it's safe to assume that Carolina Blue is not content with their shooting percentages from three point range after going 2/11. I highly doubt a team shooting performance like this will happen again this season.

Orange is the new Black following a 7 point win 88-81.

Dan Njoku scored 26 points for Orange.

Jacob Beach (29 pts), Dom Testani (28 pts) & Jesse O'Dell (19 points) provided a balanced scoring approach for Black.

This game was close in most team statistical categories.

Carolina's Blues continue in a double header loss versus Gravel 82-77.

This game was competitive throughout and there was a one-point game at halftime.

Peyton Olsen (CB) demonstrated another competitive offensive display scoring 36 points while teammate Luke Van Slyke registered another Double-Double with 20 points & 10 rebounds.

The tandem of Graham Wooden & Scott Woodring was just too much for the Black team week 2.

Team facilitator, Dylan Jaklitsch didn't even attempt a shot attempt en route to 10 assists.

Scott finished with 29 points while Graham finished with 32 points along with three steals, 8 assists and 7 rebounds.

The overall assist to turn over ratio for this game was -2 Carolina blue & +8 gravel.

Black avoided taking a second L of the day to the team color purple.

Dom Testani registered 42 points shooting 69% from 2 and over 50% from 3 hitting 8 for 15.

Jacob Beach also had 31 points with 13 rebounds for black.

George Sheley had a team high 25 points for purple.

Due to a mishap last week with potentially forfeited games red and heliconia ironically met again this week for their regularly scheduled season game.

Each team had new players but heliconia was able to remain undefeated in a rematch versus red with a four point win 61-57.

Jordan weir LED all scores with 24 points and had a double-double with 10 rebounds

Heliconia had three players score in double figures led by Johnny Palmatier with 18 points

This is a very ironic game because some of the players that were on Vegas gold participated in a game with the players on Irish green last week in the season opener.

Sometimes free agent teams can be complex but ultimately there was a game that was played.

I'm personally surprised on how close this game was especially because it was 21-17 at halftime.

Scott Richards lead the way for Vegas Gold with 17 points and 16 rebounds.

Travis Moyer & Julie Ford scored in double digits for Vegas Gold and Adrian Martinez snagged 14 rebounds.

Dylan McVey led Cole's Property Maintenance (Irish Green) in a hard fought game vs Vegas Gold.

McVey registered a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds.

Gavin Bonczkowski was next in scoring for Irish Green with 12 points.

The Vegas Gold team has a significant height advantage vs Irish Green and it translated in the rebound category 43-27.

Bagels N Cream (Maroon) remains undefeated (2-0) following a 18 point victory vs Gold.

Luke Schnabel led all scores with 30 points.

Damien Merwin provided instant offense again off the bench scoring 22 points in falling one rebound short of a double-double with 9.

No one else on the gold team scored in double digits.

The DeMauro Duo each fell just short off having double-doubles. Joe had 10 points with 9 rebounds and Seamus had 8 points with 15 rebounds.

In the last game of week two.. Catskill Region Surveying Services (Forest Green) looked dominant again in another solid team win versus Ash Gray 78-44.

Five players for forest green scored in double figures led by Stepen Anderson with 17 points.

Arie Brunson registered the only double double of the game with 12 points and 14 rebounds.

Final Thoughts & Remarks concluding week 2:

Through the first two weeks I've witnessed or overheard a ton of new and interesting facts/opinions.

Some notable occurrences have been:

  • New players socializing and integrating with the current players rather easily.

  • Another new blendos participant Ben Scheim told me that through the league he was able to reconnect with people hasnt seen in over 15-20 years

  • seeing multiple players try to assist a player experiencing a cramp with either rollers, massage guns, helping them up etc.

Seeing that, one of the referees said "wow look at the community this has become" which illustrates that although everyone comes to win the participants are ultimately becoming connected and can identify with each other.
  • Seeing dad's be able to compete with their sons or just to being able to appreciate the game from that perspective.

My favorite part of each day is ultimately when my family can attend my own teams games. Having my son feel apart of the team and watching him interact with people while supporting me helps me push through fatigue and to stay grounded knowing he might be watching. Hearing people cheer you on is ultimately extremely encouraging and gratifying. Thanks again to the spectators that enable in game support and hopefully more spectators will continue to attend the games. We will have concessions this weekend at the college and entry to the games is FREE!

if you know anyone who would like to watch some high quality & entertaining basketball games on Fathers Day / Juneteenth feel free to stop up. We have games from 10-6 on two courts. Most teams have two games and my intention was absolutely not to bring participants away from family but to organize a celebratory family gathering in a sense.

I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for all of the summer league players, officials, spectators, sponsors and volunteers.

Lastly I want to leave the league with this it's always best to practice being kind and to be positive /captivating/ encouraging at any time you possibly can because you never know what someone you encounter maybe going through.

I'm very excited to see what week 3 brings.

If possible id like to consider current summer league participants to branch out and play with other players in the Blend-A-Rama 3 on 3 tournament July 23rd & 24th.


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