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Year End Blend

Special thanks to all participants in any shape or form (player, official, stat keeper, volunteer, spectator etc) who supported the Blendos programs.

2022 was a rough year for me but has ended with several blessings and subtle reminders of why one should remain humble.

I am so unbelievably thankful for my basketball community and anyone who advocates or shows support for Blendos/Blend-A-Rama in any way.

I have been working behind the scenes talking with coaches in preparation of year 2 for the Blend-A-Rama (July 29 & 30th 2023). Last year we had 50 teams participate throughout 4 different age brackets. There is tremendous opportunity to offer additional age brackets/divisions and I'm currently anticipating around 132 teams for year 2.

Last year I set a goal of 200 teams and almost canceled at 50 teams. Looking back the people who participated in the event had a tremendous time and are eagerly anticipating the 2nd annual.

There are tons of organizational improvements that can be made to make the 2nd annual Blend-A-Rama a huge community success!

I have been spreading the word throughout section 4 while officating and I will be following up with schools over the next couple of months but a valiant effort will be made to bring several teams from other areas to compete as well.

Right now I am currently recruiting teams for the following divisions

Boys 6-8

Girls 6-8

Boys 9-12 (No modified experience allowed)

Girls 9-12 (No modified experience allowed)

Boys 13-15

Girls 13-15

Boys 16-17

Girls 16-17

Men's A

Men's B

Men's C

Men's D

Women's A

Women's B

Men's 30 +

Im looking to recruit 8-16 teams per bracket.

special accomodations will be made to offer anyone under the age of 5 free activities to attend during the event.

Im excited and rejuvenated to start fresh.

The work doesnt get done unless you do it

Here's a look back on this years champions

This year for the first annual Blend-A-Rama we held 4 different divisions on 6 courts with a 7th for a free shot / alternate

Womens 18+ Champions

Men's A 18+ Champions

Men's B 18 + Champions

13-15 Girls Champions

13-15 Boys Champions

For the Blendos recreational basketball leagues we have a spring, summer, fall and winter session.

We currently only operate one 5 on 5 tournament for the year but will explore AAU and other potential opportunities.

Men's Spring Basketball A League - Weinfield Farms Home Raised Beef (Black)

Men's Spring Basketball B League- Magro's Pizzeria (Black)

Men's Summer Basketball A League Champs- Yak's Youth Center (Slime)

Men's Summer Basketball B league Champs- Orange

Big Blend Association (BBA) Fall Draft Basketball League Champions- Green Green Greeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn

5th Annual Blendos Holiday Tournament Champions

Thanks again everyone!

If you are looking to participate in 2023 we will have the following programs

Men's Spring A

Men's Spring B

Spring CO-ED

*Spring HS League

*Spring youth groups 5-12/ 13-18

Men's Summer A

Men's Summer B

Women's Summer League*

Summer Co Ed

Kids Summer A*

Kids Summer B*

Kids Summer Basketball Clinic

Fall DRAFT basketball league (Big Blend Association)

Men's Winter League

Winter CO-ED

My goal is to provide worthwhile opportunity and Im motivated to get as many people invovled as possible.


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